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building blocks customer relationship

Build your client relationships, one block at a time.

Learn the 4 keys to building meaningful customer relationships through the effective use of social media and learn why this is critical to the success of your brand.

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five stars quality assurance

Quality assurance is about more than just checking lines of code

Quality assurance is about more than just checking lines of code. It’s also about ensuring that the application executes every business requirement properly.

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Using storytelling to discover data

Elegant data visualizations are not the final stage of the data-discovery process. Rather, a discovery application should be seen as a story-telling medium that enhances the business user’s experience.

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Gauging Consumer Interests


There’s a big difference between merely responding to past buying patterns and catering to a consumer’s genuine and continuing interests.

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I voted sticker

Information Challenges Facing Modern Government


In addition to the massive-data challenges facing all enterprises in commercial sectors, governments are struggling with additional demands that increase the need for accurate information and analysis.

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bring oracle endeca atg together

Bringing Endeca Into ATG: Why Should I? And How?

While the Oracle Commerce solution includes both Endeca Commerce and ATG Web Commerce, exactly how the two are meant to be combined has been a lingering question.

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