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Making Customer Discovery Work

April 17, 2014

Of the utmost importance when dealing with any Discovery Application is to recognize the importance of leveraging a subject matter expert’s intimate knowledge of a dataset.

Everyone understands how important it is to really “know” customers. But figuring out how to surface the salient points that can provide true insight into their motivations and behaviors continues to elude many.

It’s no wonder. The sheer volume and complexity of data generated by consumers, and influencing them, is reaching epic proportions. That’s why more powerful and user-friendly tools are needed to help organizations harness the potential of massive data.

This is key to achieving a holistic view of consumers and gaining new perspectives that help drive conversions and improve customer experience.

RealDecoy has created a solution framework that allows for the quick extraction of value from the data surrounding an organization’s customers and transactions. It’s based on the knowledge we’ve gained from hundreds of customer interactions through the development of many commerce and insight applications. This solution framework provides:

  • Pre-defined models that allow for the quick fusion of customer data;
  • Pre-developed views that provide immediate visibility to the information locked within the data;
  • Pre-ingested third-party data that provides additional metrics to segment the information.

Of the utmost importance when dealing with any Discovery Application is to recognize the importance of leveraging a subject matter expert’s intimate knowledge of a dataset to create meaningful experiences that will affect real organizational change.

This means that with a given dataset a marketer can quickly show the impact of a marketing campaign, by geography and demographic, filtering on influencers such as weather, socio-economic conditions, and relevant customer sentiment.

Likewise, and with the same dataset, an account manager can look at their territory, compare the performance of their customers against other account managers, and identify the defining characteristics of each group.

None of this will ever be easy. The permutations and combinations can become staggering.

But working with an organization who has done it before certainly reduces the associated risks. So does walking into an engagement with defined and repeatable artifacts based on successful customer implementations.

RealDecoy’s Customer Discovery Solution provides that opportunity, and we would welcome the opportunity to open a conversation with you to explore how it can help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

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