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Organizational Agility

RealDecoy delivers solutions that let our clients make better decisions, faster.

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RealDecoy's expertise in Organizational Agility is at the cutting edge of Data Insight and Predictive Analytics.

We create Data-Driven Management processes and tools that give our clients the ability to re-orient their internal structures, roles, and processes. Here's how we're helping them learn quickly and make critical decisions faster:


Augmented reality, people tracking, sensor networks... applied to online business decision systems. The future is here.

Data Driven Strategic Insight

RealDecoy is breaking new ground in creating data-driven decision support systems.  For almost 5 years, we've worked with executives at one of the largest departments in the Government of Canada to create a best-in-class solution that gives them the insight and agility to access data in real time and make critical decisions faster.


Cyber Security & IT Governance

Small and medium sized organizations (SMEs) face the same cyber security and IT governance threats as enterprise, but must mitigate risks with far fewer resources.

With RealDecoy’s  SME-focused cyber security service you can get the top security you need without top pricing. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and 24x7 monitoring capabilities we can accelerate the detection of known and unknown cyber security threats. Get the guidance you need with added IT policy documentation and training to ensure company-wide awareness.