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Something BIG in Energy Productivity is here!

April 14, 2021

Companies are developing their own Sustainable Practices to become Competitive

There is no doubt that the world is going green and adopting more sustainable practices. Running parallel to this is the manufacturing sector’s need for more efficient production cycles as the sector shapes up to "make itself disruption-proof". Compounding this is a global imperative for digitization of production.


If we look outside of the manufacturing industry, we see the hospitality sector with an urgent desire to become more eco-friendly. This has been put into action in a plethora of areas from the material of their disposable forks to the efficiency of their large cleaning machines.  Despite the hits taken from the pandemic, hotels are set to make a small comeback in 2021.

Kwok from HospitalityNet cites that “domestic leisure travel will fuel the first phase of recovery”, with more “signs of improvement toward containing the virus” (2021).

Energy tracking and efficiency will be an important element for industries like this one. This will facilitate a reduction in expenses, improvement in profit margins and recovery from losses in 2020.

The Newest Tool in Energy Analytics


CoreWatts was created to satisfy this trifold need to digitize, increase productivity, and manage energy consumption efficiently. We recognized that energy is more than a quantitative property that must be reduced. We also see energy as the metric that speaks.

Through CoreWatts, companies can view their energy insights on their own customized analytics dashboard. This allows them to make informed decisions in their operations or plant that saves money. By observing pointed energy trends, companies can be led to the problem areas. With just a single, inexpensive solution, one of our clients is saving thousands of dollars (USD) each month. Interestingly, companies are not eager to announce the new practices that led to these savings. This has giving rise to “Secret Sustainability”, but there is an understandable reason for this secrecy.

Why are Companies Keeping it a Secret?

“Secret” and “Sustainability” are two words no one anticipated being used together but aptly describes how companies have been getting an edge over their competition. Secret sustainability refers to the trend where companies secretly innovate sustainable practices and keep it confidential.


This is done to keep their cost saving techniques from those operating within their industry to give them an edge over these competitors. Becoming more financially competitive gives entities more opportunities for wins. They can expand into different markets if they increase their rate of production and they are afforded more room to incentivize their target market and build loyalty. Moreover, they can attract and recruit the best employees if they use savings to build more competitive employee remuneration packages.

In any case, to sustain our lives, we need sustainable practices. CoreWatts is the tool that gives companies a profitable way to achieve that, and we are excited to share it with the world.

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