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Your commerce platform must ‘know’ your customers, but how?

Discover the secret to creating an effective e-commerce site that drives the return on your Commerce investment.

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Predictive Analytics with Endeca


Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is not, strictly speaking, a predictive analytics tool. It does, however, give your business users an effective interface to feed powerful text- and data-mining engines, to ingest the results from those engines, and to interact with and visualize those results.

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shaking hands stakeholder requirements project management

SOWs: The challenge of executing on stakeholder requirements

IM/IT projects can often stray far from the original problem statement by the time they reach the execution stage with an external services vendor. But a proactive project executive can keep everything on track, ensure maximum ROI and help motivate the team.

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building blocks customer relationship

Build your client relationships, one block at a time.

Learn the 4 keys to building meaningful customer relationships through the effective use of social media and learn why this is critical to the success of your brand.

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five stars quality assurance

Quality assurance is about more than just checking lines of code

Quality assurance is about more than just checking lines of code. It’s also about ensuring that the application executes every business requirement properly.

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Retail Discovery for Oracle Commerce


Retail Discovery adds a whole new dimension to understanding your customers and your operations…the “WHY” dimension.

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