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Retail Discovery for Oracle Commerce

September 20, 2013

RealDecoy’s Retail Discovery exploits the power of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and enables you to visualize structured and unstructured data. The result- a superior customer experience and more efficient operations.

RealDecoy is in a unique position to develop this retail solution. We have worked extensively with both the Commerce and the Information Discovery platforms of Oracle Endeca. We developed this solution to allow retail commerce managers to uncover critical new insights into their customers…specifically the “why” that can’t be easily captured in traditional dashboards.

RealDecoy’s Retail Discovery allows a business user to easily explore, integrate and visualize any type of data

Really listen to your customers. What are they saying when they call your support desk? What they writing about your products or service in online forums, and what can you learn from these conversations?

Get a unified window into your retail operations that easily integrates internal and external data sources including CRM, product usage data, help desks and surveys, shipping reports and external sources including social media…even the weather.

Retail Discovery merges customer marketing with product and operations analyses. Gain a competitive edge by accessing all types of commerce data…from profit and loss trends and promotion results through to store management, buying patterns and sentiment analysis.
Requires little to no training to use powerful analytics. The UI can be changed in minutes without calling in IT.

Retail Discovery for Oracle Commerce.

Oracle Commerce already includes the only hybrid analytic database on the market today, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. Retail Discovery allows you to exploit this powerful platform.

RealDecoy has leveraged its extensive knowledge of the issues facing retail customers to develop a solution that unlocks the value hidden within your current databases and to exploit new external sources of valuable insights into customer expectations. This provides a distinct competitive selling advantage, as well as highlighting new ways to improve operations across all retail locations and touch points.

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