Oracle Commerce, Endeca or ATG Performance Problems?

Identify Issues quickly & accurately to retain customers

Why chance misdiagnosing or failing to pinpoint hidden issues with Oracle Commerce, legacy Endeca or ATG products when today’s empowered consumers are a click away from your competitors? Auditing your e-commerce platform is a fast process that helps protect and maximize your investment.


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application audits help…
  • Avoid down time, slow load and sluggish browsing for better UX/CX
  • Properly diagnose usability, taxonomy and SEO issues to drive average order value and conversions
  • Educate and empower e-commerce teams and IT for improved agility
  • Save time and money by validating suspected issues and establishing a clear e-commerce site roadmap aligned with corporate goals

13+ years of application audit experience with best-in-class brands including American Express, Fitch Ratings, Honeywell, Office Depot, Sterling Jewelers and more!


Be confident in the e-commerce site recommendations you present to management.

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