Upgrade Oracle Endeca Page Builder to Oracle Endeca Experience Manager: Why and How?


Digital Commerce

April 16, 2017

Oracle Endeca Commerce customers need an experienced guide for this migration.

Upgrading Oracle Endeca Page Builder to Oracle Endeca Experience Manager helps businesses improve hands-on control of content and manage customer experiences to drive conversions. RealDecoy's approach to this migration minimizes upgrade cost and risk.

Upgrading to Oracle Endeca Experience Manager involves several requirements including:

Custom cartridges and templates will have to be redeveloped to account for the new coding structure found in Experience Manager.

A significant amount of manual effort will be required to re-create all cartridge instances (i.e. content) when migrating from Oracle Endeca Page Builder to Oracle Endeca Experience Manager.

There are undocumented pitfalls where architectural changes could drastically increase development time.

The new version presents additional challenges as a consequence of unexpected bugs and other issues.

Oracle Endeca Commerce customers need an experienced guide for this migration.

OEC customers migrating from Oracle Endeca Page Builder to Oracle Endeca Experience Manager will need a trusted advisor to be their guide along the migration path. RealDecoy is the most experienced provider of Oracle Endeca Commerce consulting services anywhere. Our vast practical knowledge of OEC, derived from scores of implementations around the globe, makes us a logical strategic resource and partner to help you understand, plan and execute this migration.

Besides our in-depth expertise with the intricacies of OEC 3.1, we have made a considerable investment to develop tools and processes that simplify and de-risk the necessary development work. That investment and the automation tooling we have developed gives our customers the opportunity to accelerate the migration process.

Upgrading to Oracle Endeca Experience Manager delivers clear benefits

Oracle Endeca Experience Manager is a single, flexible solution that lets you create, deliver and manage content-rich, cross-channel customer experiences. It lets non-technical business users deliver targeted, user-centric online experiences in a scalable way, creating always-relevant customer interactions that increase conversion rates and accelerate cross-channel sales.

  • Adaptive content targeting and delivery: Oracle Endeca Experience Manager integrates with Oracle Endeca Guided Search to deliver capabilities such as type-ahead and spelling correction. This lets business users tune each experience while also influencing the next step with tools such as dimension reordering and boost and bury. For example, on a soccer landing page, Adidas products could be boosted while on a basketball landing page, it could be Nike brand products.
  • Speed time to market with pre-built components: Oracle Endeca Experience Manager helps IT manage page templates and prebuilt, modular components called cartridges, which determine where content and data are placed and how they should be rendered. Without the need for custom coding or long lead times, business and IT teams have the flexibility to get products to market quickly and focus on innovation instead of maintenance.
  • A consistent cross-channel experience: Consumers expect a consistent and optimized experience regardless of device. Migrating Oracle Endeca Page Builder to Oracle Endeca Experience Manager helps you provide that experience with prebuilt components and layouts that optimize the experience across mobile Web and apps, in-store kiosks, call centers, Facebook, and search engines.

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