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What Poor Site Search Costs Your Business


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Use this calculator to find out what poor site search is costing your business.

If you’re a medium to large-sized business it’s not unreasonable to assume you’re aiming to drive a million new visitors to your website this year using pay-per-click advertising.

Even if you’re planning to drive a fraction of that traffic there’s one undeniable fact you can’t ignore: a generic and unintuitive site-search experience costs you. Here’s why...

Poor Site Search Costs You Visitors

24% of website visitors leave because of poor site search.
1M new visitors x 24% = 240,000 potential customers leave.

Poor Site Search Costs You Advertising Dollars

Let’s say you pay an industry average $3.40 per click.
$3.40 x 1M x 24% = $816,000 wasted.

Poor Site Search Costs You Revenue

Site search users generally convert at about 5% (websites optimized for site search can convert site search users at 20% or more). Let’s say you have an average order value of $491.

240,000 lost visitors x 5% x $491 = $5.89M revenue lost.

Want to try this out with your own numbers?

new visitors x 24% = lost potential customers (A).
$ cost per click x new visitors x 24% = $ ad dollars wasted.
lost customers (A) x 5% x $ average order value = $ revenue lost.
We recognize many factors can increase or decrease the total economic impact of a poor site search experience on your company. At the same time, perhaps you’re wondering how to weight site search against your other pressing customer experience priorities. That’s why we suggest making small incremental improvements.

The Opportunity You Could Have With a RealDecoy Influenced Site Search Experience

Separately, improvements in site search and merchandizing provide small, but important, incremental increases. Together, these increases offer a transformational conversion opportunity.

Optimizing the location and size of your search box could boost revenue by as much as 84%.

Automatically deleting placeholder text when the visitor clicks the search box can reduce bounce rate by up to 40%.

Adding predictive type-ahead search could give you an 18% increase in conversion rate, and 33% faster searches.

Implementing adequate and relevant sorting and filtering options could boost conversions by 26%.

Dealing appropriately with misspellings and zero-result searches could get you 82% more conversions.

Improving your product categorization and taxonomy could help you sell 2x as much.

Merchandizing your product catalog could increase your average order value 88%.

Personalizing search results could triple your revenue per search.

Find Out How Your Site Search Could Be Better, Free!

Tactical improvements to site search translate into amazing customer experiences. Done well, site search drives profit by connecting more loyal customers to more of your product content – quickly and easily.

RealDecoy’s Site Search Health Check rates the quality of your site search experience and provides a prioritized roadmap to achieve incremental improvements and ROI gains.

Ask about RealDecoy’s free Site Search Health Check, today!

Visit for full details.

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