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Custom Applications

When it comes to your custom application project, millions are at stake.

Millions of dollars. Millions of users. Millions of experiences.

Custom software

What if you could build, update, and deploy faster?

You need to make sure your software is engaging and works flawlessly, the first time and every time, on any device, any screen.

You need someone who understands the complexity of your custom software project. Someone who will deliver exactly what you need. Someone with whom you can trust your IP.

We’re that someone.

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What kinds of custom software needs do you have?

What are your use cases?

  • Do you have an existing application requiring custom software development?
  • Do you need software that connects to the Internet of things (IoT)?
  • Do you need help migrating an existing on-premise application to a mobile platform and the cloud?

What are your challenges?

  • Do you have unique hardware but lack the ability to execute on software requirements?
  • Do you have a development team whose inexperience is hurting your reputation and margin?
  • Do you need technical leadership, not order-takers?

There are lots of reasons to choose us as your custom software development partner. Let’s talk about them.

On-shore development expertise to protect your software IP

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Why RealDecoy?

We’ve got a 20-year track record solving tough WCMS challenges across industries that include education, government, healthcare and retail. Let us help you drive marketing and revenue conversions, improve customer care while lowering associated costs, and outpace competition.

Content Management Strategy

We understand all the pieces that have to fit for an effective strategy – digital assets, product information, customer support, CRM, marketing automation, site search and e-commerce.

Our team creates the strategic framework to handle complex technical integrations and search taxonomy to meet your current and future needs. Create content once, deploy it across all your platforms without any fuss.

Data Management and Insight

Implement strategic infrastructure with processes that unlock insights from your data.

Continuously track and improve engagements using custom visualizations and powerful enterprise web analytics.

Personalization, Customization

Turn your business requirements document into an effective process for creating personalized experiences across all your digital touch points.

Lever mobile, engage audiences on any screen, the way they want to be engaged. We help you do it in any language, for one or multiple sites.

Technical Enablement

Align solution design with your technical requirements to enable business objectives.

Optimize processes and achieve results through requirements review, development, quality assurance and deployment.

There's no time to waste.
Millions are at stake.