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The 3 steps to making you more money:

Conversion Optimization

Here’s a quick look at our proven three-step approach to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).


How does it work? You cycle through the three phases, then rinse and repeat to achieve incremental boosts to your e-commerce conversion rate and priority website KPIs.


If that’s not clear and obvious to you, click on any phase:

  1. Understanding Customer Intent
  2. Data-Driven UX Design
  3. A/B Testing

And, of course, you’ve got questions. So do we.

Need conversion optimization?

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And you’ve got questions for us.

1. Exactly how will you help me make more money? (See 73-word answer.)

More money for you starts here: helping you gain a foundation of conversion insight through a data-driven approach. How? By first analyzing data to better understand your users. By using insight to create informed designs. By taking a scientific approach to testing page variants. Then, most importantly, by gaining insight from every test and making incremental improvements with each iteration. That’s how we show you the money you want—and need—to make.

A starting point is industry averages. Forrester says B2B e-commerce sites have an average conversion rate of 8%. Retail sites? Three times less than that. So let’s say you aim to increase your 3% conversion rate to 3.3%—a reasonable goal of 10% within the first 2-3 months. If your site currently does, say, $1 million in monthly sales, that monthly 10% boost works out to a $1.2 million yearly increase. And your specific expectations? We’ll talk and you’ll decide.
In a word: lots. In both B2B and B2C. We’ve done conversion optimization projects for clients in industries ranging from office supplies and part supplies to business education, industrial product design and pure-play ecommerce retail. We’ve done the quantitative and qualitative research, completed UX reviews and recommendations, developed hypotheses for implementation, then moved into A/B testing. When you’re ready, let’s talk details on what you’re looking for.
We could say, “It all depends.” But you don’t want to hear that. So here’s a typical scenario: a project champion is assigned as our key point of contact. He/she spends about 8 hours over 4-6 weeks as we work together at understanding customer intent. Then 8 hours over 1-2 weeks in the data-driven UX design phase. Then 30 minutes per week over 4 weeks in the A/B testing phase. All told: an 18-hour commitment for a single full iteration.
Yes, you’re not alone in wanting to know costs. Nor are you alone in feeling that the sensible answer of “It depends” is not at all helpful. So, here’s an answer that looks at an average figure based on a range of CRO projects: $23,746.19. Does that help? Probably not—as some engagements are very comprehensive and far-reaching. While others are not. What do you want? What do you need? Talking with us will help. So let’s do that.

Got any other questions? Ask us and we’ll send you a reply.

In 80 words or less, if you want.

Why do companies work with us? And why should you?

If you were to distill our offering down to one word, it’d be this:


We’ll break that expertise down further:

Front-end, back-end, and end-to-end expertise.

Essential when you need to, say, identify and resolve site performance issues and complex e-commerce integrations and migrations.

Site search expertise.

Your customers expect to find your products easily, right? You’ll ensure they do when you count on our expertise—recognized industry-wide—in on-site search and navigation.

“Multiple-lens” UX analyst expertise.

Capabilities in Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager. Adobe Analytics. User research. UX design. A/B testing. Coding. And more.

Multi-client expertise.

Conversion problem-solving for companies on the Internet Retailer and Fortune lists ranging from David’s Bridal and Dot Foods to Lands’ End and Office Depot.

Which of these conversion optimization services interest you most?

This is not a comprehensive list of everything we do. But it can help you learn more about what we can do for you.

Google Analytics Health Check

Make decisions based on accurate data. Get a deep dive assessment of your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics implementation.

Streamline the process of creating tags to send user interaction data to Google Analytics. Add analytics and conversion tracking to your website by having Google Tag Manager expertly implemented—or ensuring it’s already been properly implemented.
Optimize on-site conversions when you unearth and fix issues with site speed, broken links, and cross-browser/device layout and functionality.
Uncover hidden sales and marketing opportunities. One buyer’s journey visualized in full.
Pinpoint where you’re losing money with this 10-point inspection of site search relevancy and UX.
Reviewing, editing and writing copy in line with the motivations and behavioral intentions of your audiences.

Improve site visitor engagement and e-commerce conversions. Detailed review of one or three key conversion pages on a website through the eyes of one persona using a desktop or mobile view.

(Typically, a 1- or 3-page review, with or without heap mapping. For example, 1-page review: landing page or promo page; 3-page review: home page, category page, product detail page.)

Expert wire-framing, interactive wireframe prototypes, wireframe usability testing, visual design and usability testing on visual design.
Stop cart abandonment and missed sales transactions. UX design analysis and written content assessment of both cart and checkout pages provide the basis for wire-framing/sketching of potential solutions. Optional data insights include Google Analytics, session recording data and form analytics.

Give your on-site conversions a lift with data-driven insights. Understand the motivations, behavioral intentions and UX friction points of your site visitors and customers. Quantitative and qualitative analysis can include:

  • Analytics health check
  • Tag walk through and recommendations
  • Analyzing your web analytics data to identify money leaks
  • Heat/click map tracking set up and analysis
  • Expert UX design review
  • User session recordings/replay analysis
  • User interviews and/or surveys
  • Field research

Next steps? It’s up to you. Let us know what interests you. And let’s look at making a plan.


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