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Information Challenges Facing Modern Government


Analytics, Custom Software

July 10, 2013

RealDecoy offers information-discovery and agile-analytics services to create information solutions that meet the specific needs of modern governments.

Data retention. Governments are charged with safeguarding public information, usually over long periods. Unlike the commercial sectors, governments have no choice. Maintaining and securing massive quantities of public data is extremely costly, and so the need to gain some value from this investment is a high priority.

Accountability. Citizens have come to expect their elected representatives, as well as their bureaucracies, to be held accountable for their decisions and actions in executing the trusted task of managing and dispersing the public purse. Databases and information systems must be designed to support these accountability processes.

Transparency. The public want access to their data, held in trust by their governments. This new level of transparency, enabled by information-age systems, is now seen as a fundamental principle of democracy. Creating transparency into thousands of government data and information sources is a significant challenge, even for the most advanced systems.

Austerity. This is a universal theme in the public sector. Every government is looking for ways to reduce costs and find efficiencies. Identification of waste, fraud and abuse is essential, but analytical techniques and supporting databases are often not aligned to these priorities.

Information Discovery and Agile Analytics for Government

RealDecoy offers information-discovery and agile-analytics services to create information solutions that meet the specific needs of modern governments. Based on our recommended platform of choice, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID), we work closely with our clients to create adaptive and responsive solutions using the latest technologies and techniques.

Information Discovery. Getting the most out of data and information archives is critical to success. Moreover, being able to rapidly update systems with new input is essential in the dynamic environment of the public sector. Our OEID-based solutions are developed with the latest in visualizations built upon the unmatched data-integration technology of Oracle Endeca Server. Structured, semi-structured and unstructured sources are fused without waiting for data modeling or warehouse design. As a result, analysts and decision-makers can gain immediate access to previously inaccessible sources of information, creating new insights and enabling more in-depth analysis than ever before.

Agile Analytics. Beyond the methodologies and tools of conventional analysis, the discipline of analytics focuses on the presentation of relevant and easily understandable information to decision-makers in line with corporate governance and business processes. Agile analytics aims to keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of modern leadership and management by applying the latest technologies and techniques to constantly changing, complex data sets. At RealDecoy, we have learned to fully lever the power of OEID to build agile solutions tailored for the specific needs of government.

RealDecoy Solutions for Government

Based on these specific and urgent government requirements for information discovery and agile analytics, RealDecoy has developed some immediate solutions to address high-priority needs.

Lean Government: Detecting Waste, Fraud and Abuse. Every democratic government wants to execute the public trust in a responsible and diligent manner. Waste, fraud and abuse undermine public confidence and divert resources from important priorities. Detecting waste, fraud and abuse requires access to a broad range of structured data sets as well as semi-structured and unstructured information. RealDecoy information-discovery solutions have successfully identified these anomalies across the largest and most complex of government programs, enabling lean-government initiatives and finding substantial savings.

Massalytics for Transparency. Citizens want access to their data. More than just the occasional statistical report, they want to interact with transactional databases and make their own queries. RealDecoy has developed an innovative and extremely user-friendly solution called "massalytics," or analytics for the masses. Massalytics will provide any government department with the ability to meet transparency guidelines and policies immediately and in the most cost effective way possible.

Tracking Program Performance for Accountability. Accounting for program performance across complex government initiatives is never easy, especially as changing priorities have an impact on goals and objectives. To successfully track results, you need to be able to update both data and management frameworks on the fly. RealDecoy has developed several OEID-based solutions that have successfully supported complex program analysis of large-scale initiatives over several years with wholesale policy changes. We stick with our public-sector clients to keep our agile analytic solutions updated, relevant and responsive to the increasing demand for accountability.

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