Squeeze every last gram of performance from your application.

RealDecoy’s certified trainers and customized courses provide technical and business teams with the expertise they need to continually maximize any investment in Oracle Commerce or Oracle Endeca Information Discovery.

Implementing Endeca or OEID is not a trivial undertaking for any company. So it’s only natural for managers to want to squeeze every last gram of performance from the application. But if your team members are not well-versed with the application and all of its capabilities, you may weaken the return on your investment and short-change both your business users and your customers.

Endeca-certified trainers and customized courses

RealDecoy’s Training Services, with its Endeca-certified trainers and customized courses, can provide your technical and business teams with the knowledge to continually maximize your investment and consistently deliver the best online experience for your customers.

Would your organization benefit from Endeca training by RealDecoy?

If you are unsure whether your organization could benefit from Endeca training by RealDecoy, ask the following questions:

  • How familiar are your business users with Experience Manager and with creating targeted business rules?
  • Are there areas of the application that your business users feel uncomfortable managing?
  • Do your IT personnel and developers have the knowledge necessary to properly monitor the performance of an Endeca system?
  • Can your IT personnel diagnose and correct performance issues that may occur?
  • What modifications to your Endeca application are you planning to make and do you have the necessary knowledge to do so internally?
  • If you’re an Oracle Partner, how familiar are you with Endeca’s architecture? Are you comfortable with querying and integrating data from the Endeca system? Do you know what information you need to integrate Endeca into existing Oracle implementations like ATG?

RealDecoy offers standard and customized course syllabuses relevant to your environment

RealDecoy is the largest and most experienced provider of Endeca services anywhere. In fact, Oracle turned to us to develop training programs for its partners and employees in the wake of its acquisition of Endeca. Our courses were developed and are taught by actual Endeca developers with real-world experience.

All of our courses are built in a modular format and can be taught in their entirety or customized for your exact requirements by selecting only certain modules. The customization can be further enhanced by replicating your actual operating environment to provide the most realistic and useful training experience without impacting day-to-day operations.

We offer a broad array of courses geared for the specific requirements of different organizations:

Oracle Endeca Commerce (v3.1.x) & Oracle Commerce (v11.0, 11.1)

  • Delivery Manager / Project Manager: This three-day course for non-technical users covers the full project cycle.
  • Developer / Implementation: An intensive five-day course by the end of which, developers will have built out their own Endeca implementation.
  • Business User: A two-day course best used just before a new Endeca project goes live that teaches users how to get the most out of their new application.

Oracle Endeca Commerce & ATG (OEC v3.1.x, ATG 10.1.2/10.2) & Oracle Commerce (11.0, 11.1)

ATG-Endeca integration: This three-day course teaches companies with existing ATG implementations everything they need to know to bring the full functionality of Endeca search to their ATG applications.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (v2.3, 3.0, 3.1)

  • Developer / Implementation: An intensive three-day course by the end of which, developers will have built out their own OEID implementation.
  • Advanced topics: Shorter courses offered as required to provide a deeper dive into specific subjects such as sharding and portlet development.