Search Tuning optimizes your investment in Oracle Endeca Commerce

RealDecoy has the industry-leading expertise with OEC to ensure the search function of its clients’ websites is always tuned and optimized in response to ever-changing product catalogs and customer requirements.

RealDecoy Search Tuning aligns business and performance needs

Implementing a robust OEC application is only the beginning, regular search tuning is crucial to maximize the return on your investment. RealDecoy’s Search Tuning maximizes both the needs of your business and the performance of the application. We apply a strategic approach to align your evolving business needs with the capabilities of OEC to ensure that users are getting the most relevant results possible – relevant for them and relevant for you.

The Search Tuning process starts with a review of your business goals. Our Search Strategists engage with your stakeholders to quickly understand the challenges you face and how your goals are reflected in the current state of your implementation. We conduct a Search Audit to examine your data, search behaviors, and the efficacy with which users interact with your data as they progress through (or drop out of) the conversion process.

The Search Tuning equation

Our Search Tuning Scorecard scores the results returned by the top user search terms and helps us align your desired terms with your business needs. Our expert technical teams apply the specified changes and repeat this process until each search returns the desired results.

Ensuring search-result relevance is only part of the search tuning equation. Performance Optimization ensures that the user experience is not only relevant, it’s also fast. Our technical and data experts will review and evaluate your data and how it is ingested by the Endeca application. We look for impacts on the performance of your system and make recommendations on how to get the most out your technology.

Search Tuning is not a onetime task. Data is constantly in flux, and your tuning needs to keep pace.