RealDecoy’s Endeca Community signs off July 31

RealDecoy started to help support those working with Endeca technology in both Commerce and Data Insight capacities. These communities and formal user groups are now well established.


On July 31, we will be closing our Endeca Community, and asking users to instead take advantage of the collaboration tools and communities now provided by Oracle.

We created and its related social media channels to fill a temporary void, to support teams working with Endeca technology in both Commerce and Data Insight capacities. The intention was to provide continuity through the transition period that followed Oracle’s acquisition of Endeca, until Oracle had ramped up its own Endeca support community.

Now that Oracle’s Endeca communities and formal user groups are well established, RealDecoy believes it’s better for Endeca users to find all the support they need from OAUG Endeca Special Interest Group and Oracle sources, rather than splitting their time cross-posting to multiple disparate sites to find the answers they need.

RealDecoy’s Endeca Community Twitter and Facebook pages are also closing. But don’t take this as an indication that RealDecoy is at all stepping back from its trusted relationship with Endeca users.

RealDecoy is the first and only Oracle Platinum Partner that specializes in Endeca. We continue to be recognized as the No. 1 Oracle Endeca resource globally, with more than 200 successful implementations in the past decade. In fact, RealDecoy created the Endeca Commerce certification materials for Oracle. We are also the only company delivering Endeca Commerce training to other Oracle partners.

In addition to continuing our work with progressive clients on challenging engagements, RealDecoy will contribute its expertise to appropriate Oracle User Groups and online communities.

The insight and knowledge captured through have been made into a PDF document so that we can continue to share it with the community. It is now available for instant download. Endeca Community users will be directed to official Oracle sites where RealDecoy team members are already active participants.

We recommend you join the Endeca Community on LinkedIn or the OAUG Endeca Special Interest Group. More support for Endeca can be found on the Oracle community website at Technical Questions and Endeca Information Discovery

RealDecoy would like to thank all Endeca Community users for taking advantage of and for trusting RealDecoy as the Endeca authority.

Please send any questions to and our team will be happy to answer them.