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Endeca Factsheet

Top B2B and B2C companies rely on Endeca technology because it’s renowned for powering the kind of 1-to-1 online buying experiences that show today’s savvy customers that brands truly understand them.

Our team of Endeca experts is renowned for harnessing the platform’s potential. We excel at creating the custom Endeca business logic that triggers highly personalized online shopping experiences for any customer. Our many reference-able clients also trust us to solve their toughest technical challenges – complex data design and integrations, taxonomy fixes, ecommerce internationalization and more.

That’s why we continue to be recognized as the No. 1 Oracle Endeca resource globally, with more than 200 successful implementations in the past decade. In fact, RealDecoy created the Endeca Commerce certification materials for Oracle. We are also the only company delivering Endeca Commerce training to other Oracle partners.

Moreover, we have expanded our capabilities to include ATG Web Commerce to support customers looking to take advantage of Oracle’s full commerce suite.

As a muscular CX applications boutique we’re both similar and differentiated from large commerce service providers (many of which engage us for our technical competence in Endeca).

Like them, we serve customers across the Americas and Europe. We also bring the depth of knowledge required to handle key aspects of digital customer experience – for web and mobile – in line with overarching business plans and omnichannel programs. This includes the analytics required to measure success, and to gain a 360-degree view of the customer.

At the same time, RealDecoy is both cost-effective and agile. We’re highly responsive, tuned in to your needs, and adept at delivering proven technical solutions on time, at a lower cost.

American Greetings, Guess, Marriott and Office Depot are among the many marquee brands that have gained a competitive edge from collaborating with RealDecoy.

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RealDecoy Endeca Factsheet