Caring is fundamental to who we are and all we do.

Client driven.

­We are passionate about maximizing our customers’ return on investment. We care enough to debate critical decisions, share alternative perspectives and provide objective feedback to help our customers realize their priority business goals.

People Focused.

­The heart and soul of RealDecoy is its people. We’re passionate, committed and engaged. We show it in our commitment to continuous learning and service excellence for our clients. Everyone on our team has a voice and the opportunity to be heard. It’s the kind of transparent and respectful environment that’s earned us three Employer Choice Awards. Read about our recent award here. 

“Yes technology is awesome, but what would business be without people? It’s even better when the people are awesome— ensuring our clients are satisfied and our service is world class from start to finish. This makes working with us an awesome experience! And this is what makes RealDecoy RealGood!”
—Makini Borde, People Partner

Community Inspired.

­Our people are global citizens, working together to lead the change we want to see in the world. From participating in blood banks, food drives and charity runs to our work as a micro lender with Kiva, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to care for the people who impact us the most.

Canadian Blood Services

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