We are an interconnected group of
individuals who learn and collaborate with each other.


Ashley Tomic
former Client Engagement Manager, Ottawa

“I worked at RealDecoy for seven years and over that time my team became like family to me. I was lucky to work with smart, driven and fun people each day. It is an organization where the best idea in the room reigns and everyone, regardless of their experience or position is encouraged to speak their minds and contribute. In this culture I felt valued, challenged and motivated to learn and grow; truly something special.”

Jean-Pierre Nkrumah-Young,
Web Consultant, Jamaica

“RealDecoy Inc., in my opinion, is a family of likeminded individuals all working towards a similar goal of providing excellent value to whomever requires its services. This however isn’t limited to just its clientele. The company’s core values have been instilled by its founders, adopted by its current employees and evolve with experience. With its wide spectrum of personalities, talents and expertise, there has never been a dull moment, even after four years.”

Ashley Williams,
Sr. Project Manager, Atlanta

“Why am I at RealDecoy? The people. The culture. The work. Despite not being co-located with any of my colleagues, I feel connected to the company from both a work and a social perspective. The culture supports doing what’s right for employees, offering a flexibility not always available in other organizations. We’re also a relatively flat organization, so all voices can be heard at all levels of the company. I’m working closely with some fantastic customers, with the opportunity to directly influence their success and I get to partner with smart people doing interesting work that will benefit people I know.”

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